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What is the cost of a human life? Most of us would agree, it is priceless.

What is the cost to rebuild a human life after one's dignity has been stripped away using force, fraud or coercion? This is a much more complex answer.

DONATE NOW to join the fight to end human trafficking.

The level of trauma that each human has been through when they exit the life varies by person. Many factors play a role here including the length of time being trafficking, the age of the individual, the frequency they were trafficked amongst more than a dozen other internal and external factors. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to recovery for someone in this state, which is why it is imperative that they receive best-in-class care from start to finish during their journey to recovery. They did not choose to be trafficked, but they are choosing to escape. Help us provide refuge for them.

The average cost to create a safe family home environment and provide customized care plans for recovery is $60,000 per girl annually. Your one-time donation of $165 could provide care for an individual for a day and make this possible. Your purchase of Enjen products could provide that same level of care. Donate today. Donate now

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Enjen is partnering with Conference on Crimes Against Women to aid their fight. If you'd like to donate or volunteer, please contact them directly on their website.